Japan Day 8

On to our final itinerary in Kyoto!


Philosopher’s Walk
Marayuma Park
Shogunzuka Mound
Kiyomizu-dera Temple
Rengeoin Sanjusangendo

The last few days had been so busy that we decided to cut most of the stops from this day’s itinerary and decided to take it a little slow. Kyoto is very bikeable – it’s not a huge, sprawling, city so we rented some bikes on the cheap for the day to make our way around town.

3 speed bike to get us around the city

We got to Philoshopher’s path to enjoy a a nice leisurely walk, do some window-shopping, enjoy some matcha soft serve (always) and pork buns.

Philosopher’s Path – the very few cherry blossoms we witnessed during our entire trip, during ‘peak season’


Then, we were off to Kiyomizu-dera Temple. It’s a steep hill so we parked our bikes and walked the path – this is another place you can expect to feel like you’re being herded along.

Most of the temple was under scaffolding and not visible, so there was not much to see but the view was worth it.

That night, we went out for some kobe beef at a Japanese bbq (grill your own) and hit the town for some drinks.

Kobe beef ready for some grillin


Sizzle sizzle

We found ourselves at ‘The Lockup’ prison themed bar – where you’re seated in a prison cell and then at some point, it becomes haunted wherein the lights are dimmed and people run around to scare people in the jail cells (which was about as hokey as it sounds) but I’m a sucker for a gimmicky drink, likethey’re served in beakers and you get to use a syringe to change colors.

Watch out for the eyeball!

Next up, we board another train to head to a new city!

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