Japan Day 5

Today, we leave Tokyo!


Head to Kyoto
Arrive in Kyoto
Fushimi-Inari Shrine
Knife shop for engraved knives
Fushimi Sake district
Maryuma park at night


With the JR Pass, we’re able to take the shinkansen (network of high speed rail lines – aka bullet trains) between cities – traveling at up to 200 mph. It took less than two hours to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto, a 5 hour trip by car – and the trains were amazing! The seats are comfortable, roomy and the views along the way are fantastic.

I made it a point to reserve a seat on the side of the train that would offer a view of Mount Fuji, since we couldn’t fit a visit to it in this trip.


Once we arrived, we met the host of our AirBnB at the local metro and she walked us to our apartment, and then went to the local store to pick up some groceries for us, she was so sweet!

After settling in, we walked to Nishiki market to check out the Aritsugo knife shop, known for an extensive variety of high quality knives with hand engraving. Plus, food. Food that was a bit too exotic for my liking ;p

You may be wondering what the last two photos are. If you can’t guess, it’s a candied baby octopus stuffed with a quail egg, eaten like a lollipop. 🤢 Jon could not wait to try it though!

Then we headed to my dream location, Nana’s Green Tea, a modern tea house offering a variety of matcha drinks and desserts – right up my alley!


Our last stop was to head to Fushimi-Inari, the pictures can speak for themselves:

We originally planned to visit when we first arrived to Kyoto but I’m so glad we got to visit at night, it was a really unique experience. Except the part when it became pretty desolate and we took a wrong turn down a barely-lit path and it was really creepy. Luckily we turned back before going too far.

The most surprising part of being in Kyoto was that it’s not considered a large city, and rural cities still might not have modern amenities. Like, toilets, with a seat, above the ground.


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