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Kitchen update coming through!

Back in January we installed a kitchen island and we love it! Having an island was the hardest upgrade to cut because Jon really, really wanted one – it was at the tippity top of his must haves. But when we had to cut items from our must-have lists, we removed the items we could tackle ourselves later on. Wood floors throughout? Not a project we wanted to tackle in a brand new home. Kitchen island? That, we could handle.

I can’t recall the exact price, but an island was going to cost around $3,500 or $4,000 to have the builder add-on. That doesn’t even consider the added cost that would have been incurred for a custom color – if they would have even accommodated custom colors.

As a reminder, here’s what our kitchen looked like when we closed:

In the photo you can see the floor and ceiling caps. We knew that we’d want the island to be wired with electrical and that we’d install pendant lights so we paid for the builder to run and cap the electrical for us.

Here’s our kitchen now!

Right from the very beginning I knew I wanted a navy island with a white quartz counter (if I could have had it all my way I would have had all navy lowers). The builder only offered white, grey, and black for solid color options. After looking at Home Depot, Lowe’s, ordering custom made online, ordering prefab ready-to-assemble, etc, we ended up going with two custom base Kraftmaid cabinets from Lowe’s for around $1,600.

For the top, we visited a local stone company and found a great remnant piece that came in at just $1,000 installed. So by installing the island ourselves, we saved around $1,400 and got the color we (I) wanted.

Luckily, my brother helped with the install (by helped, I mean completed) just before he left for Hawaii.

I won’t go into too much detail for installing yourself as I mostly just assisted, but essentially we installed two base pieces to the floor that the cabinets would be secured to

Be sure to keep them aligned. The top board was used to keep the cabinets together while we secured them to the floor


After securing to the boards, insert shims to set level. Use a dremel to make cut outs for the electrical boxes


All wired up, ready for outlets

Jon with the assist

Finished product shots:

Don’t mind the missing TV on the wall ;p


Next, I’ll need to frame in the microwave to give it a built-in look

The island still needs the slightest of finishing touches, like filling in and color matching the cut lines



    Gram | 9 months ago Reply

    Kelly -as usual -you guys did a fantastic job. I love it! Great job Brian!

    A. Dianne | 9 months ago Reply

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