Japan Day 3

Officially on the mend, we were ready to tackle a full day’s agenda when we woke up on day 3.


Tokyo Metro Gov Office
Meiji Shrine
Lunch at Sushi Nova
Explore Shibuya
Shibuya Center Gai
Hachiko Statue
Shibuya Crossing
Capcom bar



We kicked off the morning by journeying to the Tokyo Metro Government Office. Sounds exciting, eh? This is actually a great way to see an aerial view of Tokyo (for free!), rather than paying to go up Tokyo tower.

After taking in the views, we were off to Harajuku, known for being the center of Japanese youth culture and fashion. But first, we lunch, which I can only describe as amazing. It didn’t hurt that it was also the cheapest meal we had the entire trip. Believe me when I say, I dream of going back to Tokyo just so I can go here!

You have to arrive super early or you’ll be looking at a 90 minute wait


Harajuku Gyoza-ro!!

You’re probably thinking, really? Gyoza? That was your best meal in Tokyo? Yes, really! This place served two main dishes, gyoza steamed and gyoza fried (they also offered a handful of sides, but, nothing was more important than the Gyoza). The flavor and frying was perfect and the dipping sauce was out of this world. My mouth is watering as I write this. An order of 6 was roughly ~$3.

It was fun just watching the kitchen staff, they were like a well oiled machine.

Just a few blocks from lunch was the Meiji Shrine. Meiji Shrine is an odd dichotomy to find a place so serene and peaceful right in the center of a major metropolitan neighborhood.

Tori gate entrance, just around the corner from the metro station

I highly recommend taking a break from the fast pace of the city to wander along the paths to Meiji Shrine to take in a bit of nature.

To wrap-up our time in Harajuku, I wanted to go to the Kawaii Monster Cafe (Kawaii = cute).

This place is kind of the epitome of what you may think of when you think of themed restaurants in Japan, which are a pretty big attraction. I wasn’t sure what to think before arriving, if it would be super gimmicky and a crazy tourist trap. While waiting in line, we were among a few other tourists but it was primarily Japanese teens waiting. We were the last to be seated before they closed for the afternoon!


Each section had a ‘theme’ this area was baby bottles, which fed baby animal figures (?)


Streams of milk feeding the animals


Our section was decorated with big red lips


Bar area, theme unknown


Paint palette french fries (I was terrified that at least three of these were actually mayonnaise.) Many were fruit flavored and most didn’t taste like the flavor you’d think they’d be based on the color (like, green would taste like an orange??).

The food was definitely super gimmicky, but that’s why you go! Expect to overpay for mediocre, microwaved food, but you’re going for the ‘ambience’ and experience. 8/10 worth it to go once, no need to go again.

We returned to our apartment in Shibuya to rest a bit before having a late dinner (if you think we’ve eaten a lot, yep!). Prepare yourselves, as I’m about to share what was the best sushi of the trip.

Conveyer belt sushi! It was so fun to be able to order from your touch screen and within a minute or two have a fresh plate of sushi come zipping along. We probably spent over an hour here, ordering one thing, watching it come our way, order another, then another, and another. And it was pretty good quality for what is the equivalent of ‘fast food’ sushi.

Look at all the options!


Ordering like a conveyer belt sushi pro



Day 3 Tip: By now you may have seen scheduled days aren’t quite matching with reality. Be prepared to wing it. It will take longer than you originally planned to get from A to B. You’ll stop here, there, you’ll look, you’ll wander. When planning your itinerary, weave in nice-to-sees with your must-sees so you aren’t disappointed if you can’t make it to an attraction.


    Love seeing your pictures and reading about your trips. Feels almost like I'm there with you guys. Hope your having tons of fun, and safe return flight!

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      Thanks Paula! This trip was actually last March, just catching up now ;)

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