Taking On Japan

We went to Japan!

Ok, ok, it was in March. Af 2016. Alright so, a little behind on this recap. I debated writing a travel post, I’m not sure how much interest there is in it but I always wanted to share all of the fun and excitement we had and share my tips for anyone wanting to go.

Planning it was a beast. I had a multi-tab Google sheet, Google docs, and a Google map with pins plotted by day. I spent several evenings, weekends, and months researching flights, train tickets, sights, attractions, and accommodations. It was all so worth it, there’s not much we would change looking back.

Day 1

We booked non stop flights from Boston > Tokyo which was a 12.5-13 hour flight. We got our first taste of what Japan would be like before we even left the US. I was in awe when the plane started boarding. Perfect, organized, single filed line. Without any direction from the staff. Never before and never since has the boarding process ever gone this smoothly.

Exactly what lines in Japan were like

Japan Airlines is amazing.

And we're off! #TheMargisInJapan

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I mean, economy seats are still economy on a 13 hour flight, but they had the latest movies, the meals were fresh, and they gave out individual-sized Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen-Dazs. Hello!

They hand out Ben & Jerry's on Japan Air, found my new favorite carrier. #TheMargisInJapan

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But after 4 movies and 4 hours left before arrival, I questioned our choice to go nonstop. My legs were killing me, even with getting up and walking around every few hours.

We arrived in Tokyo around 7:00pm, by the time we got through customs, took the train to town, and walked to our apartment, it was about 9:00pm and we were wiped. We walked to the first ramen place we could find for a quick bite. Completely overwhelmed by order-by-vending-machine, I ordered mine with extra noodles instead of adding an egg.

I didn’t even come close to finishing it. Oops. Poor Jon developed a serious head cold that was kicking his butt so we crashed just as soon as we could put our heads to pillows.


Day 1 Tip: Don’t miss a minute of mobile access, pre-order your SIM card to pick-up at the Post Office in the Narita airport. You’ll be connected by the time you arrive in Tokyo.

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