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When you think luxury & bath – what comes to mind? Soaking tub? Marble tile surrounds? Rainfall shower? If you’re looking to add some luxury to your bathroom but think you lack the DIY skills, I’m here to tell you – you can do this. That rainfall shower head can be yours, and in less than 10 minutes!

The quickest, easiest, (possibly) cheapest way to add some luxury to your bath is just a quick trip to your home improvement store away. Pick out your dream shower head and grab a pack of plumber’s tape (and in some cases you may need a wrench).

How heavenly does that look?!

We started with a builder grade option – we didn’t add any upgrades to the bathrooms. Jon talked non-stop about a rainfall showerhead when we first toyed with the idea of upgrading to the tiled shower, so that was one of the first things we tackled. And when I say 10 minutes, I’m not exaggerating. I swapped ours as we were settling into bed one night and decided to just get it done!

Check out those toiletries!

Step one – remove the existing showerhead – which just twists off. This step is where the wrench may come in handy – I wrap the showerhead with a towel so as not to damage the finish.

Step two – remove the old plumbers tape. You want to get all of the bits off so the new plumbers tape has a clean surface to grab on to.

Not much left to clear off

Step three – wrap the threads with fresh plumbers tape. The package of our shower indicated 2-3 times around, however I had some light leaking so I reapplied new tape, wrapping 5-6 times which did the trick. I really don’t think you can go too heavy with this stuff.

Fresh and clean

Step four – Attach the new showerhead, hand tighten only!. Using a wrench can cause you to easily over tighten, which can damage the threading and create a leak. Modern options are designed to be leak-free just from hand tightening.

Step five – enjoy your new, easily earned luxury


Special Edit Now, time for some real talk. Jon loves the shower head and I hate it, but I hated the one that came with the house, too. I’m struggling with the water pressure right now. Any other well-owners face the same struggles? With my thick hair it takes me at least 30 minutes to shower now, the water is just not strong enough to soak and rinse thoroughly. It’s killing me, and it’s wasteful. The shower head we bought was supposed to provide 3x the pressure but it’s the same (if not slightly worse) than our original one. The great news is it’s such a quick change, I don’t mind doing it again. But how do you other well people deal? Any way for us to increase the pressure?

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