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We made it folks! When it looked like our close date was moving from November 18th to December 5th(!), we luckily(?) closed the day before Thanksgiving! Which actually worked out great because we had tons of time over the long weekend to unpack and settle in.

Before we start the tour, I wanted to give a special thanks to my mom, Brian, and Jon’s dad for helping us move out! I want to thank my mom for letting Jon and I and two dogs stay at her condo and Brian and Ashley for letting us park a Uhaul in their driveway for 10 days! Lastly, thanks to my mom for helping us move in – if it weren’t for her we’d probably still be living out of mostly boxes. We found a moving company on Craigslist for a couple hundred bucks that was worth it 100 times over – it allowed my mom and I to unpack while they brought everything in – what a relief to go into the holiday 99% unpacked! (Unfortunately, we’re still at about 99% and have made no further progress) Moving. #AmIRight?

Now let the fun begin! Here’s our little house Manor on the hill:


The porch railings were unfortunately not provided in the original plans and we were super bummed when we found out they’d be required. Due to the elevation of our lot code required railings around almost the entire perimeter. We had the choice between white vinyl or the mahogany pictured. Jon let me pick and while there have been many voices not agreeing with my choice, there have been many more in favor – not to mention we’re the only house with stained railings and I think the contrast looks great!

Entering the front door – where the three windows are – you’ll find the living room –


We could choose for the fireplace to be in the corner or centered between the two smaller windows. The reason we chose placing it in the corner is so that we could mount the TV on the wall lower than mounting above the mantel would have allowed, and we’ll be able to have a media/console unit to offer storage for items like the cable box, DVD player, games, etc. Above the fireplace will be a great spot for a large mirror or artwork.

Behind the living room is the kitchen and dining area to the left


And we didn’t even have to pay extra for the blue tape on the chandelier! :p


For the kitchen, almost everything here is an upgrade (yay!). Quartz was upgraded from granite, white cabinets from wood, vented hood vs. microwave above the range. The house plan included a basic set of appliances but we took the credit towards our upgrades instead and made our appliance purchase on Labor day which got us much nicer appliances for a comparable price to what we were credited.

The cabinet to the right of the fridge was an upgrade – if you can believe the original plan just leaves that space empty which we felt was a pretty big waste of space.

That white circle on the floor? We plan to install an island in the near future so we paid for them to run the electrical to the floor and two pendant boxes in the ceiling. The island would have ran us $4k through the builder, doing it ourselves will cost us about 2/3 that price.

Out the slider to our deck:


We upgraded from a 12×12 deck to 12×16. We went with vinyl railings in the back because the deck is composite.

Off of the kitchen is my eentsy teentsy office.


At the top of the stairs is the guest bath


The bathrooms only included linoleum countertops – and it wasn’t worth the upgraded cost to us so it works for now 🙂

Down the hallway is Jon’s office to the left, the guest bedroom at the end, the master bedroom is the farthest door on the right and the double doors open to laundry:


Jon’s office:






Here you’ll see the white cap in the ceiling. Would you believe the default is for no fixtures in the ceiling? Yep. So all 4 rooms were an upgrade to run the wiring so we could install lights in the future. And because we didn’t buy light fixtures through the builder, an outlet in each room has to be powered by a switch (for a lamp) per code, so that a light could turn on and off at entry. Ugh. I’m hoping once lights are installed we can get rid of that somehow? Our bedroom also includes a brace for a ceiling fan.



That concludes our home tour! We hope this gives you an idea of what is/isn’t included in a new home build if it’s something you’re considering for yourselves!


    Kelly & Jon you have a beautiful home. Can't wait to see it decorated!

    A. Dianne | 1 year ago Reply

    We are so excited 😆 for you! It is a gorgeous home!

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    How exciting! Congrats and Merry Christmas!!

    lauriejsm | 1 year ago Reply

    Beautiful 😍😍

    Robin | 1 year ago Reply

    In love with your new home! It's so beautiful! Love the design of it! Congratulations Jon and Kelly!

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    Tymachum@gmail.com | 1 year ago Reply

    Thanks, Ty! Jon

    Jon | 1 year ago Reply

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