And Now The Fun Part

After we picked our lot we had to try to determine upfront what we expected to upgrade in order to build it in to the Purchase and Sale agreement. We had to try to build as much as we could into the purchase price so that we had the best chance for an appraisal to come in at value. At this point we added things like irrigation, a fireplace, quartz, and deck size, but not the finer selections such as finishes (aka the fun part).

With the P&S agreement signed, we could now have our selections meeting! Believe it or not we spent 3 hours covering…everything. Everything you could think of and everything you never would. From the color of the siding to the tiles on the floor to which side of the sink to place the dishwasher.


What faucet do you want in the kitchen? Downstairs bath? Guest bath? Master bath? What shower head? Porch light? Carpet color, wood floor, door style, everything! This is the part that you look the most forward to – where you get to make your home yours. Our builder’s selection room while on the slightly smaller side, was quite expansive (while at the same time, also lacking – a topic for another post).


The hardest part was letting go of thinking in terms of budget. I’m not sure I agreed with this process, but we were encouraged to pick exactly what we would want so they could price everything out and we’d cut back from there. The rationale being that a lot of people might not consider upgrading from laminate to quartz because they’ll think it will be too high when it might really only be $200. The coordinator wants you to make a decision based on having all of the complete pricing.

My reasoning for not really agreeing is because by the time you get the pricing back either 1) It’s way more than you anticipated 2) You got excited for an upgrade you can’t afford 3) You can’t remember what the options were that you priced out.

Which happened to us for multiple choices. We wrote down two colors of siding we wanted. We narrowed our choice of hardwoods to three completely different styles. Could we remember what they were two weeks later? Nope.


Walking out of our first selections meeting left us exhausted! The funnest part was also the most overwhelming. Imagine styling an entire house in just three hours. I don’t know how the couple on Flip or Flop does it (oh yeah, the first few seasons were the same granite/cabinet/travertine tile combo every episode. Not too hard).

We needed to decide soon – the builder would not start until we signed off on our selections. In the end it took a month and three trips to the design center to finalize everything, and even after that I had shrouds of doubt. Did we pick the right color quartz? Are we sure we want the fireplace in the corner? Should we have gone with an island? But now that we are seeing it all come together, we are totally and completely in love with how everything is turning out!

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    So glad you are happy with your selections!!

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