The Time We Picked A Lot

Now that we’ve picked a community, we pick a lot.

It took 4-5 months before we actually decided to put a deposit down on a lot. We drove through at least 4-5 times and toured two model homes. Since the neighborhood was more than 50% through phase 1, what was left was slim pickings. They were small, against a granite ledge, had a view of what appeared to be a junkyard, or wouldn’t have had a back yard.

Since the time we signed, 39, 41, 44, 28, 29, 30, and 33 are either done or very close to being complete.

Once we agreed this was where we wanted to be, we put a deposit down on lot 46, it seemed to be the best of the last remaining spaces.

From this point, each subdivision will work a little differently. For example, most neighborhoods will have maybe five or so home plans to pick from. But for us, we had the option of literally hundreds. We were able to search for any plan on artform home plans, as long as it fit on the lot.

Getting to choose any plan was awesome! But, it had its downsides. There was no way of knowing what the cost would be of any of them until we asked the realtor. And the home plan that I was totally in love with was too big for our lot. So this led to a lot of searching, and checking the price, searching, checking the price. Ultimately there was just one plan that would fit on that lot with an attached garage, and we felt we were really settling, it wasn’t the style we were dreaming of. When we got the price back, it was our max budget. We wouldn’t have had a single penny for upgrades.

The alternative was to downsize for a garage-under floor plan. At first the realtor said there weren’t any lots left to accommodate under. Then, a week later, she came back with lot 43 being available. With a $15k upgrade due to the lot size. We asked if there were any others, and she confirmed there weren’t. Until, of course, a week later and lot 40 was available. I won’t even cover all of the details but the trend here, is to not trust anything the realtor says. Not one word!

So lot 40 is where we signed on the dotted line and experienced our very first compromise as we said goodbye to our attached garage.

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