How We Got Here

After a few homes in our neighborhood came off the market just as quickly as they went on and for higher prices than we could’ve imagined, we started toying with the idea of seeing what our home was worth (we always knew this was not our forever home). On a lazy Sunday in January we drove around Nashua to check out our ‘dream’ neighborhoods, talk about the houses we liked, the ones we didn’t, why, why not, just to see where we could picture ourselves. Just as we were leaving our favorite neighborhood, a new home community caught our eye.

“I would never want new construction”, I said to Jon, as I continued stating all the reasons why. “Let’s just drive by” he said. Lo and behold, I loved the style. These weren’t the typical colonials you may think of when you hear ‘new community’. No, these were different, each one unique from the other with a distinct craftsman style. The Open House sign beckoned us in.

We loved it! The location, the style, the floor plan, the neighborhood. Until of course, we heard the price. There was no way we could make it work. And then we heard what the taxes would be and we knew we had to wipe that from our memories. If you’re not familiar with New Hampshire property taxes, they’re some of the highest rates in the nation. And this place was astronomical (care to take a guess?).

But, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. A craftsman was my dream home. So I searched, and searched, and searched for new communities throughout southern NH. We looked at new homes in Merrimack, Hudson, Pelham, Windham, Londonderry, even Milford and Chester. We met with realtors, maybe we could find a plot of land? I read city planning board meeting minutes to see if any new developments were in the works.

But there was one community we kept going back to…

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