Big Things Coming

…hello…is anyone there…?

Oh, hey there! Been pretty quiet around here! It seems like any time I say ‘more posts coming soon’ it’s an instant curse that means many months of nothing. So here we are, almost NINE MONTHS since my last post. Nine!

What the heck? Well, in all honesty I haven’t been working on anything. Not one thing! Considering we bought a flipped house, mostly everything was done for us. I’ve highlighted many of our cosmetic changes and most recently a quick little bathroom overhaul, but there is just nothing left to do in the house (anyone looking for my services, I’m cheap[free] and love to paint)!

So I’ve been thinking of closing down the blog. But, I like my blog! I like sharing projects (when I have them). I don’t like paying my current annual fees for 6 posts a year though so I’m looking to move from hosting and WordPress to something cheaper like Wix or SquareSpace (input welcome) so you may see some changes around here soon enough.

(But you just said you don’t have any projects?) True! SO true. BUT we do have big news. Big big news.

We are making a baby!

jon dirt lot
Meet our new baby!

Yep! We are taking the biggest plunge together and building a home, and I’m thinking of documenting the whole process right here as we’re learning so much along the way and can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Only if you want to hear it though, so I need your input – would this be something worth reading or do you prefer the strictly DIY/How-to posts?


    I definitely want to hear about it!

    Jon Margi | 1 year ago Reply

    I want to hear about it all!!

    Paulette | 1 year ago Reply

    Dude what happen to updating Ty? Congratulation man!! | 1 year ago Reply

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