Christmas Tree Tips

Does anyone else hate watering their Christmas tree? Crawling under the branches to reach the base, careful not to knock down any ornaments while also avoiding the branches to prevent needles dropping? Not fun.

And this year we ended up with an especially large tree, which involves crawling over the sofa to plug it in each night and slinking along the floor to water it.

It’s a fatty

After two nights, I was over it and thought, why can’t I water it while standing up? Wouldn’t that be great?

So I picked up a funnel and some flexible tubing, and for less than $5 have a system that enables us to water the tree without having to bend down!

The tube extends into the tree stand
The tubing came wrapped in a circle, so it easily wound around the tree.
The tubing came wrapped in a circle, so it easily wound around the tree.

Connect the funnel at the top, and watering the tree just became infinitely easier!

Just attach and detach for each use

You can’t really see it unless you look for it, either. The only downfall is there is no way to know how much water to pour, really. So we took note of how much was required after 24 hours and use that amount.

My second tip, is to pick up this little ditty at Target.

Indoor Mechanical Timer

For a whopping $5 our lights now turn on at 5 and off at 11, without requiring climbing over the sofa to reach the plug. Just set the timeframe you want it on, and indicate what time it is when you plug it in.

Seriously, get it.


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