Fresh and Clean 2

The last post (seriously, it’s been a while-you may want the refresher) left with us counting down the seconds before guests started arriving for the party-literally. I popped the toilet roll holder in place just as my mom parked her car. Because we were so far behind, we had to push out the start time for the party the morning of. Thankfully my mom missed the memo and arrived 30 minutes before everyone else, so we could do a quick clean up and finish all the food we’d prepped.

So let’s get on with it!


We got the vanity hung the morning of, and disappointingly, it was a little low. Our hand soap didn’t fit under it and if you were taller than say, 5’6″, you may not have even been able to see yourself in the mirror – but it was the perfect height for me 🙂

You may notice though, that it was about as high as we could install with the current lights. We weren’t anticipating replacing the fixture, but returning the vanity wasn’t an option so the following week we shopped for an alternative, with lights that set higher and didn’t involve moving the fixture plate.

New fixture hung
New fixture hung

Look at all that space we gained! With that, we moved the vanity up to a proper height

Much better!

And as a reminder, this is how the bathroom looked when we first purchased nearly three years ago!

Main Bath
Definitely not our taste


    I love pedestal sinks for small bathrooms.....Kelly, you did a great job, as usual. The bathroom is so bright and it!

    A. Dianne | 2 years ago Reply

    Kelly, you never cease to amaze me. Your new bathroom is really nice and bright. Great job!

    Pauline Stone | 2 years ago Reply

    Aunt Pauline

    Pauline Stone | 2 years ago Reply

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