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This is a project that has been a looooong time coming. Like, this long. But, we decided to have a ‘home opener’ for a Patriots game, and with that my desire to update the bathroom was rejuvenated!

If you don’t feel like reading the old post, the short of it is we had an industrial oversized toilet that almost touched the builder-grade vanity, the vanity didn’t offer much storage, we attempted to replace the vanity, but the not-to-code flexi pipe didn’t line up with the new drain. Overall it felt really cramped.

About 6 months ago we had to replace the toilet because it started running, and due to being an industrial toilet, we couldn’t find any correct replacement parts.

Upstairs vanity
So, so close to the toilet

Just in case you’re thinking, ‘Hey, looks like a normal toilet to me’:

This is what was left after we removed the toilet
This is what was left after we removed the toilet

We removed that hunk of plastic and opted for a modern, efficient, dual flush toilet

Instantly spacious! ;p
Instantly spacious! ;p

We didn’t have any luck finding a vanity smaller than 30″ that provided a drawer or drawers for storage that didn’t require moving the plumbing, so a pedestal sink was the second best choice with the added benefit of making the bathroom appear larger.

We selected the Kohler Archer pedestal sink from Amazon (which was $30 cheaper than any other place and Prime shipping…no question) (yes, I’m sure our UPS guy hates us). We started installing the week of the party. I am horrible at estimating how long something will take and I naively thought it would take just a few nights the week of. Wrong. I ended up spending two weeknights, taking a whole day off work, spending all Saturday, and 4 hours preparty on Sunday on the bathroom. Oye.

Friday and Saturday were spent installing bead board. The adventure started with buying panels at Lowe’s by myself on my lunch break-which are way heavier than I anticipated, only to go to my car and find they didn’t fit. Two customers saw me struggling and helped cram them in and I drove home with the back open (having an SUV does not mean you can transport all the things). That night we realized they were really cheap quality so we returned them…yes, seriously. We hit up Home Depot and liked their selection and quality much better.

Plus, we had them make our big cuts for us which made transportation much easier.
Can you guess which one we picked?!

Plus, we had them make our basic cuts for us which made transportation much easier (thinking smarter folks).

Everything went pretty quick with the bead board install. Steps are (1)measure, (2)liquid nails, (2)brad nail. Next.

Avengers FTW
Avengers FTW

I had the first two full panels up in about 30 minutes, but once I got to the wall with the plumbing, things came to a screeching halt. It took pretty much the whole day to get to boards installed on that wall. I had to make three circular cuts on a panel and squeeze it behind the toilet. I would measure, run downstairs and outside, cut, carry it back in, and be off on the holes by a smidge. Run back downstairs, outside, cut, rinse repeat more times than I’d care to admit, each time having to pry the board from behind the toilet and back over the pipes.

End of Saturday progress shot
End of Friday progress shot

Saturday was spent patching holes from the towel bars, painting the walls, installing molding, painting the bead board, all of which went pretty quick.

Molding was created using two different trim pieces, which – holy crap molding is expensive – we spent more on molding than we did on the bead board panels.

IMG_7519 (1)
You can see the old and new paint along the trim


IMG_7521 (1)
Looks a little raw here, but caulking fills in the gaps like magic


MAGIC! Ignore the nail holes, this was minutes before the party started 🙂

This post is plenty long enough, so I’ll end it here, stay tuned for the next post where you’ll see the final reveal with all the finishes 🙂

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