How To Hang Level Frames Easily

Hanging pictures is always such a headache for me. No matter how many time I measure and double triple check, they never come out level, or the frame never sits where I intend it to, especially if I’m hanging more than one or the frame has two hooks.

But I came up with a trick to make hanging level pictures SO easy, and no measuring required! All you’ll need is a small level, painter’s tape, hammer and nails. And your frames of course 🙂

In this example, I am only showing a frame with a single hook but this trick is especially helpful with frames that have two-I had already hung my two-hook frame when I thought to photograph it. Doh!

Take your frame and flip it over. Take your painter’s tape and rip off a piece just longer than the width of the frame.

With the sticky side facing you, fold one side so the tape sticks to the back. On the other edge, bring the tape past the frame edge and fold the tape so it’s stuck to the side of the frame, keeping the tape taut. Take a nail and puncture the tape where the bracket or hook is.

*Edited to clarify – I discovered that frames with the triangle hook are a little tricky because they can shift around from where you mark. To address this, apply a piece of painter’s tape to the hook to keep it from shifting.
Back of frame with painters tape
You can see the tape is folded to the back of the frame on the left, and the side of the frame on the right

Take your frame and your level and place your frame approximately where you’d like to hang it-do not press it against the wall.

Set your level atop-once level and located precisely where you’d like it, press firmly.

Level the frame

Remove your level. Remove the tape from the edge of the frame and press to the wall. Slowly pull the frame from the wall while simultaneously running your free hand along the newly revealed tape.

Revealed tape
Pretend I wasn’t photographing this myself and my free hand was pressing along the tape

Now you know exactly where to hammer your nail.

hammer the nail
Hammer the nail right through your puncture

Peel the tape off, and voila, your frame sits exactly where you wanted it, no measuring required!

Frames now hung
Exactly how I wanted

Although these are all hanging where I wanted, I actually don’t like the layout much now that they’re hung so I’ll probably be rearranging them shortly, but with this trick it won’t take much time!

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