Little Kitchen Update

Just wanted to pop in with a quick update with our kitchen!

About a year ago I visited our local Habitat ReStore on a whim because you never know what you can find there. The very first thing I spotted was this gem on the floor and I instantly knew I had to grab it even though I had no idea where to hang it or what I would do with it (strip, stain, paint?).

large mirror
Look at the size of that thing!

And it has been sitting on our basement floor ever since.

Until now! After some hemming and hawing (should we hang it above the stair case? In the living room? Bedroom?), we finally made a decision. The most important thing to consider was where it would provide the biggest benefit, where could we hang it to make a room appear larger? Although the bedroom could use some assistance, it was too big to hang there, it would have crowded any wall we would have considered and would probably make the room appear smaller.

It’s about the same size as our tv and hanging it in the living room seemed odd to have two similar sized shapes taking up wall space and would feel overwhelming, and if we hung it above the stairs it would just reflect us laying on the couch…not much to see there!

So where did we end up? Well, if you read the title, we’ll consider that foreshadowing. If not, then telling you the kitchen is still a surprise for you!

hanging the mirror
Lookin good!

The kitchen ended up being the perfect spot for the mirror because it has the large window to reflect, which makes the kitchen feel larger depending on the angle.

The view from the living room
The view from the living room

I didn’t strip, paint or stain it-just gave it a light cleaning. And this is the view from the chase in the living room. I contemplated shifting the mirror in this direction just a bit to try to reflect more of the window, but for now I am fine with where it is. What do you think? Move it, or keep it?

Oh and did I mention it was just twenty-five dollars???? Yup! $25! It’s solid wood and super heavy, probably 40-50 pounds and I bought it the same day it was dropped off. I’m so glad I didn’t pass up on this steal!


    What did you use to hang it? We have one in similar size and weight that I want up in our new place.

    Catherine | 4 years ago Reply

      I'm not sure if this is the same brand but it looks just like this hanging kit that I picked up at Michael's. I placed one screw in a stud and one with a drywall anchor. I used the 5" bracket that was marked to support up to 60 pounds.

      Love This Nest | 4 years ago Reply

    Lookin good!

    mom | 4 years ago Reply

    Good decision, looks great!!

    A. Paulette | 4 years ago Reply

    Really like it....looks great....keep it!

    A. Dianne | 4 years ago Reply

    I like it there too! Good pick-up!

    Nicole | 4 years ago Reply

    Thank god it is finally hung! Jon

    Jon | 4 years ago Reply

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