One Month Later

Well hello there! Looks like it’s been a month since my last update, but sometimes life just gets in the way. We’ve been finishing a bunch of updates around the house, like updating the front landscaping, seeding where a tree was removed

I have a few projects I’ve been working on for a couple of months now, yes months. It’s one of those situations where I thought something would be a really quick project, assumed I’d get it done quickly, and then end up taking 3 months to complete. But that’s a story for another post.

This post, however, is just a quick update since a few people have mentioned they haven’t seen any updates lately. I can happily say the basement is about 85% complete!

Basement decor

Yes that’s right, we have stuff! My nautical theme is coming along nicely-I picked up the woven oars and the driftwood crab at HomeGoods.

Woven oars
Pay no attention to the green vent 🙂

They might look a little low, but I’m on the lookout for a small love seat for that wall and they’re set at a perfect height for above it. Feel free to ignore the cable wire-which we’ll be running across the ceiling for a TV that we’ll mount to the opposite wall.

And oh, what’s that in the other corner?

Club chairs
The Captain’s Chairs

My latest project! I’ll post about them soon but they aren’t 100% done yet. I call them the Captain’s chairs because I picture them in the captain’s quarters of a yacht. No, seriously that was my thought process and what I actually refer to them as ;p

So nothing too exciting in this post but I plan to post a little more frequently this month now that I’ve finished some projects-stay tuned!






    Very nice, I love your choice of wall color, the white bead board look and the paddles!!

    A. Paulette | 4 years ago Reply

    Really like it! Just love the captain's chairs! Very nice job!

    A. Dianne | 4 years ago Reply

    Always a great job and good taste!

    A. Pauline | 4 years ago Reply

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