And The Winner Is…

About oh….6 months ago I shared some inspiration color boards for my craft room and included a poll for some chairs my mom was going to reupholster.

As a reminder, these were the choices:

Please indicate the number you think would look best!
I couldn’t decide on a pattern, so I asked you guys!

6 is the same pattern I used for the kitchen chair only in a different color, so obviously that one is out. #3 and #5 were the top voted choices with a 50/50 split, and I personally liked how funky #4 was. So what did I go with? Drumroll thdthdthdthdthdthd….


Reupholstered chair in grey fabric

Yes, #3 is the winner! I really liked #5 and I am typically drawn to blues but I want to go with a palette in the craft room that I wouldn’t normally pick. I also think it will fit best with the inspiration color boards I selected (at one point, Crate and Barrel even used this exact fabric on their chairs….for $899!!).

I can’t wait to start working on the craft room and tying in the other colors, and having my own space (Jon’s office was the first room finished in the whole house!). My mom worked on these (thanks Mom!), so I don’t have any DIY tips for you. Instead you get all the yummy pictures without the work, enjoy!

Two chairs
Both chairs waiting for some fresh paint on the walls


Close up of chair
Love the lighter stain


Comfy chair
With new foam pads they are sooo comfy!
Second chair
Sit on meeeee

Fabric – Dwell Studio Bella Porte Slub Charcoal





    Love your choice! Adorbs

    Robin | 4 years ago Reply

    Kelly, the fabric and chairs are gorgeous! Great job as usual Karen. You both are so talented! Love, Aunt Pauline

    Kelly, you are so creative and it all looks great! | 4 years ago Reply

    I love the fabric choice with the style of the chairs. Great job ladies, they look gorgeous!

    Paulette | 4 years ago Reply

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