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A few weeks ago I offered up a little fabric sneak peek on Instagram

And I used the fabric to make curtains for the guest bedroom! In this post I’ll detail how we (my mom helped) sewed the curtains with grommets, but first, I don’t think I ever detailed the paint choice for the room.

Originally this color was chosen for the kitchen but it had more blue undertones than I was looking for so I saved what was left of the gallon and used it in here. It looks quite grey in the swatch below but it really does look more blue in person, with grey undertones.

Sherwin Williams Quicksilver
Sherwin Williams Quicksilver

On to the curtains! First and foremast I washed and dried the fabric. If you are sewing anything that you might need to clean, always wash your fabric first. If you skip this step and wash it after it could shrink and ruin all your hard work.

After I dried and ironed the fabric, I measured the window and accounted for a 3″ seam on the top and 1 1/2″ seam on the bottom and made the cut.

I ordered just the right amount to be able to cut right down the middle
I ordered just the right amount to be able to cut right down the middle

Next I needed to sew the hem on each side to give it a smooth edge. To do this, fold your fabric the width you want the hem, I did about 1/2″, and iron it. This will give you a nice smooth seam to work with and make it easier to sew in a straight line. It’s not pictured below, but I did use needles to hold the fold as well, you definitely want to pin your folds in place to prevent straying.

To keep your line straight, keep the foot aligned to the edge
Side hem

Then we tackled the top hem. According to the directions on the grommets I bought, it had to be a minimum of 3″. In addition I accounted for a 1/2″ or so that I folded into the hem, this makes it so all the edges are finished.

Measure hem
Use a ruler to develop your fold, ensuring the width is consistent all the way across. And note the pins!

After sewing the top hem, we finished off the first panel with the bottom hem. We made this hem about 1 1/2″ to give some weight to the bottom of the curtains.

Then came the fun part! Grommets were much easier to install than I thought it would be. The package came with a template that we used to mark where the grommets would be. To make sure they all lined up properly we kept the template along the top of the fabric, and ended up spacing each grommet 6 1/2″ apart.

Trace the template ring and cut out the circle.
Trace the template ring then cut out the circle

Take the top and bottom of the grommet, put one on each side of the fabric, and the two pieces should easily snap together.

The spikes will poke through the fabric and snap into the other piece
The spikes will poke through the fabric and snap into the other piece

I emphasize should because it depends on how thick your fabric is. The fabric I chose felt more intended for outdoor use or heavy duty upholstery-but all the better for blocking the light out! After pressing, and pressing, and pressing, and then hammering, we could not get the pieces to snap.

So we moved the curtains to the floor and used our feet! This snapped them into place easy peasy!

My mom modeling her house slippers that she keeps here :)
My mom modeling her house slippers that she keeps here 🙂

We repeated the process for the second panel-but an added step is to compare your hems to the first panel to guarantee that one does not end up shorter/longer than the other. We did this by first pinning the top hem, holding it up to the first panel, and then pinning the bottom hem. We didn’t sew either hem until we measured both and were sure they’d be aligned. We double checked the length after sewing the top hem as well.

Curtains hung in the guest bedroom
Curtains hung in the guest bedroom

I ordered some great prints from an Etsy shop from the Netherlands (Laura Amiss) that shows off our love of traveling

New York, Paris, and London
New York, Paris, and London
What do you think, do the curtains match?
What do you think, do the curtains match?

Next up I’d like to replace the sheets, end tables and lamps with something that fits the style of the room a little better.

What recent projects have you completed to bring more life to a room?




    Kelly, Love It! You are amazing....if only you lived closer!

    Aunt D | 4 years ago Reply

    You both did an awesome job. The fabric is gorgeous and you both make a good team. Very well done!!!

    Kelly, you are so creative and it all looks great! | 4 years ago Reply

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