Decision Overload – Please Help!

I’m a pretty lucky gal, to come from a family of talented crafters/DIYers/handy people-ers. As a kid, my mom used to sew all of my costumes, no matter what crazy thing I may have asked for. She has reupholstered chairs, sewn pillows, quilts, replaced chair covers, the lady has skills!

On a recent trip to a local consignment shop I saw a set of four mid-century chairs and knew I just had to have them. I begged my mom to reupholster a pair as my Christmas gift and I planned to refinish the other two to sell them. Unfortunately I didn’t buy them on the spot hoping to wait a week for the price to drop but by the time I decided not to risk it and went back, there were just two left so they will be mine! They’ll make for some pretty comfy seating in my craft room. In addition to updating the fabric they’ll also get a sanding for some fresh stain.

Mid-century chair
Looks a little sad now, but it has potential!

From having to pick fabric for curtains in each bedroom, the living room, kitchen, kitchen seats, etc., I think I’m suffering from fabric selection overload and I can’t pick a fabric for these chairs and that’s where you come in! I’d like your help in choosing 🙂

Here are some inspiration design seeds I had picked for my craft room palette

Design seeds cupcake hues
Design seeds cupcake tones
Design seeds dessert tones

I’ve been honing in on pinks, which is not the norm for me, I usually hate pink but I’m having trouble finding pink fabrics that match. My goal is to modernize the chairs while also being reminiscent of the time period. With all that in mind, here are some mock chairs with fabrics I’ve been drawn to:

Please indicate the number you think would look best!
Please indicate the number you think would look best!

Please help me by voting for your pick in the comments*. I’m considering scrapping all the pink ones and finding a fabric I like regardless of the original color palettes-let me know if you think I should too!

*It requests email address, but I don’t use the address for anything and it won’t be public, but you can keep it anonymous and use something completely made up if you want!


    I like #'s 3&5, and the last color palette. #3 looks like it would work with the last color palette :) ~Ashley

    Ashley | 4 years ago Reply

    I vote for #3.

    A. Paulette | 4 years ago Reply

    I like #'s 3 & 5. And if I had to choose only one, I think I would pick #3. Can't wait to see which one you choose!

    Dianne Workoff | 4 years ago Reply

    3&5 the others are too cray cray

    Brian | 4 years ago Reply

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