A Place to Eat, Part Two

I’m back to show you the finished product!

To finish the table, rinse and repeat the final steps mentioned in the last post. Apply poly, sand poly. Each time you sand you’ll use a higher grit paper, finishing using at least 300+ plus. It’s a really fine sandpaper used to smooth out the finishes. If you used a low grit paper you’d basically be removing everything you just applied.

I ended up applying 4-5 coats to have nice thick coverage. And we finished just in time for poker night!

Poker night
Prepping for Vegas!

But in order to finish in time for poker I rushed the final coat that morning and miffed up a bunch of spots. Like I mentioned in the last post, refinishing furniture – all phases – take time and patience, rushing it only ended up causing more work in the long run and now it doesn’t look quite as nice as it should have. Oh well, it’s not our forever table!

Up to this point I had been using semi-gloss but it didn’t have quite the shine I was looking for and was a little too dull. After 4-5 coats it looked like an old table that had the original poly.

The morning after poker night I decided to pick up some regular gloss and after one coat…look at that shine!

With gloss
So glossy it looks wet, but it’s completely dry!

I think it’s a teeeeensy bit glossier than I was expecting, especially for a first coat, but I still prefer it over the semi gloss. Maybe it needed one more coat of the semi-gloss instead of switching to the gloss. Maybe some day I’ll try mixing the two ;p

table and legs
Should the legs be glossy too?

I can’t decide whether or not to apply this coat to the legs too, what do you think?


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