Trees, Be Gone!

Part of buying a house is tackling a list of projects. Some are big, some are small, some will cost more and require some savings. Sometimes it’s best to write a list in order to prioritize what projects to tackle first. But sometimes it’s as simple as wiping out whatever is driving you the craziest!

After installing the fence, which was an intensive project, the next thing we tackled was actually pretty big.

Once the season started to change and the first cold snap hit, a windy day followed. And this is what our yard looked like.

Orange driveway
There’s some green in there somewhere

I’ve never really had to clean up a slew of pine needles before, but it wasn’t fun. I tried a broom but the needles just got clogged in the bristles and didn’t sweep anywhere.

In addition to the mess this lovely pine tree would make each year and the sap that would inevitably mark up our cars, it was also damaging the driveway because the roots from the pine tree and the tree on the other side were lifting the concrete. It’s not as easy to tell in the picture but the base of the drive is a bit steep and the lifting roots weren’t helping.

So one morning, this happened

Tree grinding
Stump grinding

Not just that, but this

After all the trees were cut
After all the trees were cut

We ended up having three trees cut, one tree pared down, and four stumps ground. Grinded? Grounded?

Another shot of the before, check out how tall that pine tree was!

Pine tree
That’s a tall pine

And see the branches on the left of that picture? Yup, that tree is gone too. It was a spruce that had started leaning towards the power lines.

Now we have this

Spruce tree
Bye, bye Spruce


We’ve already received several comments from a few neighbors that they are really impressed with what we’ve done so far, even commenting on the tree removal. We ended up using Gate City Tree and could not have been happier with their service. They were affordable, professional, quick and tidy. You could hardly tell they had even been there. They are highly recommended!

It’s been a few weeks without the trees and we don’t miss them, for the most part, I forget that they were ever even there.

How do you tackle your project list? How do you prioritize everything you want to accomplish?

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