Pop of Color

Our new Bauhaus sofas came with throw pillows and we were able to pick the fabric from a plethora of patterns and solids. We chose a pattern that incorporated the grey from the sofa and brought in some yellow.

Pillow and a pup

But after some time with them, I can’t ignore that they are really, really, not great. They are very firm, uncomfortable and poorly constructed. The craftsmanship is very amateur and the stuffing is pouring out. In the end I’m glad they were included in the price and not something that we paid extra for.

I decided I wanted to bring some different throw pillows into the mix, but good lord have you seen the price of a throw pillow? You can easily spend between $20-$150 depending on where you shop and the fabric….that’s just crazy!

In addition to the Halloween fabric I picked up, I also bought a yard and a half of a Chevron-ish pattern. Then picked up 3 throw pillows armed with my Michael’s app to get 40% off.

Pinned and ready to sew

Pillows are pretty easy to sew but I wanted something that would be removable so I could wash them so I recruited my mom’s help to teach me the ways of sewing a zipper.

After cutting the fabric to size, we pinned the sides together to keep the seam…well, seamless. After sewing the three sides for the each pillow my mom prepped for the zippers.

Prepped and ready to sew

In the end, my mom ended up sewing the zippers, but I feel like I have a better idea of how to accomplish it if I come across the need to sew them again in the future.

That’s a perfect pattern match-up. I know my gram will be inspecting.

The blues aren’t an exact match to our new rug, but they are close enough and they bring in a little pop of color. We’ll be able to incorporate these new colors in other areas, like artwork and curtains. Yes, 3 months after buying the house we still don’t have curtains…but we did finally hang some sheers 🙂

Hey look, here are the pillows on the sofas…

The grey matches almost perfectly
Look, we got our ottoman!
And we finally got our ottoman!

In the end, I paid around $4 per pillow, $2 per zipper, and $15 for fabric which makes the cost per pillow around $11, plus a half hour of labor. Certainly beats paying retail prices!

Do you ever decide to make something yourself when retail prices seem a bit steep?



    Kelly I love all your projects! You are inspiring! I love how you are doing it all yourself! Something I def wang to do when we get a house, it looks like you have saved a ton :) awesome job!

    Melanie Chavez | 4 years ago Reply

      Thanks Mel! I am hoping that it can inspire some people to try it for themselves! It can be intimidating at first, but I'm not knocking down walls or anything! ;)

      Love This Nest | 4 years ago Reply

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