One Down, One to Go

It’s easy to ignore a room when the door is always shut and you don’t use it often. It’s something that gets moved lower and lower on the to-do list, but usually it’s the type of task that can be completed the quickest. Case in point – our guest bathroom. We painted it our very first weekend in the house, the day before we moved in. If you remember, it was a very sunny yellow.

Three quarter bath
Now that’s yellow
Three quarter bath painted
Freshly painted
Three quarter shower
The other side of the bathroom

That was pretty much the extent of the work we completed. As you can see, it’s a teeny tiny bathroom with very little storage space. We needed a solution for storing bath towels and necessities. So I got creative scoured Pinterest for small bathroom storage ideas and saw a lot of pins for hanging baskets on the wall.

I went to Homegoods and Michael’s in search of baskets but was struggling with the idea of open baskets, I wasn’t keen on seeing a bunch of rolled up towels on the wall. Then I found these

Bath baskets
Nesting baskets with hinged lids

I thought about the best way to attach them to the wall and opted to just screw them up. But after the first attempt, the screws would just fall between the weaves and they weren’t secure. So I found some spare washers and they did the trick.

Attached basket
No room to wiggle

Of course, I made sure they were level.

Basket level
It may not be perfect given the uneven surface of the basket

Now, both baskets are attached and stuffed with towels for guests. It adds some design while also being functional.

Baskets filled
Threshold towels from Target
Baskets finished
Baskets hung

All in all, this took me under ten minutes to finish and I really should have completed it the weekend I bought them, but it’s one notch off (the bottom) of our list and we can move on to bigger projects (like the DIY fail in the upstairs bath, more on that later this week)!

How do you make the most out of small spaces?




    What a difference a color makes. You picked out a great color and I love the baskets. Once again, great job!

    Kelly, you are so creative and it all looks great! | 4 years ago Reply

    Very good post Kelly. So proud of you and everything you do! Keep up the good work.

    Jonathan | 4 years ago Reply

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