Securing the Perimeter – Day 2

When we last left off, we had finished installing the gates and one half of half of the yard.

B also gave us some overnight homework (just like on trading spaces!) to prep for a quick install the next day. Our assignment was to dig the remaining post holes (8) and lay out the pieces so we weren’t scrambling around the yard for brackets.

J had a meeting in the morning and so I was left to prep all by myself! I dug 4.5 holes in around 2 hours before J and B finally arrived. Remember – the holes had to be around 3 feet deep so I dug around 13 feet by myself! I was so grateful when they arrived…digging post holes is NO joke! I don’t know how much longer I could have gone. It gave us a great starting point though and enabled us to move very quickly installing the posts and panels.

Panels went up quickly
Again, always check that they’re still level

We finished everything around 3:00 and the end product is absolutely perfect. Not only does it look great, but the dogs love the space they have to run around now and we have some privacy (our back yard is still a chain link fence).

Panorama of the north side of the yard
Panorama of the north side of the yard
Completed south end. Don't mind the giant dirt pile and trash in the yard.
Completed south end. Don’t mind the giant dirt pile and trash in the yard.

We were left with a giant pile of dirt in our driveway, and with two sedans we didn’t have the means for moving it. J put up an ad on Craigslist for best offer, we only ended up having to pay $80 to get rid of it, and they shoveled it themselves! Don’t you just love that site?

Lastly, we polished off the look with some post caps which just pop right on. We selected a style that matched the hand rail caps that were already installed.

So fresh and so clean
So fresh and so clean

And that’s the end of our fence install!

So, have you ever installed a fence? Was it way more work than you expected?

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