Little Changes

Sometimes, it’s the littlest things that can have the biggest impact. Especially if it’s something you use every day.

Like…taking a shower.

Old Shower Head
Eww, so dingy

Our shower head had a hand shower (the tube  hanging down) and when water was directed to the head and not the hand shower water always spewed out of the top nob.

If you’ve never changed a shower head, don’t be intimidated, it’s very easy!

Unfortunately I don’t have imagess to support the steps, but it’s that easy, you won’t need the pictures.

First, and most importantly-shut off the water supply! For us, that required shutting off the main supply to the house.

Grab a wrench and twist off the old shower head. Peel off any of the old electrical tape, and wrap it with some new tape.

Screw on the new shower head! Wam, bam thank you m’am!

Et voila!

New Shower Head

We opted for another shower/hand combo, but it’s an all-in-one and the hand shower blends right in. It’s perfect for bathing the pups. The water pressure is perfect and it’s almost like having a waterfall shower : )

I don’t yet know how to remove the ugly arm that used to hold the old hand shower. I can’t find any screws that would be attaching it.

Any suggestions?

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    If you're talking about the part coming out of the wall, that is threaded in to a pipe in the wall. Unless it's leaking just leave it. Those are notorious for breaking inside the wall then you have to open up the wall and rip it out.

    Youknowwho | 4 years ago Reply

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